iSAbER TV Founding Member (200 only)

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This is a one-time fee Membership Price. First 200 Founding Members will receive a SUPER-discounted price of $100. (The next 200 members will be doubled, AND WITHOUT THE BONUSES!


You get your choice of any book from SAbER Mountain. (Insane, I know).

You get access to GET OnQ Membership site that is being sold for $297.  (Completely nuts to give this away.)

Private Facebook Group. (GET OnQ) This is a personal mentored group.  ($5000 value) (I am ready for the looney bin  with this one).

If you ever felt like becoming better, doing a bit of personal development this is the place to do it.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Parenting and Grandparenting
  • Attitude and Personal Growth
  • Business
  • Wealth Creation and Preservation
  • Spirituality
  • and just plain Happiness

I would tell you more that is in store, but if this doesn’t motivate you to ACT NOW… well when you do find out the value, you will just wish you would have back when…  (I promise it is good).

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Quality Programming for a Better You!

Because video is becoming a large part of how we interact iSAbER TV was conceived to provide a quality channel that you do not have to sift through thousands of silly videos and be bothered by constant ads popping up on your screen.  This is part of the SAbER Innovative Publishing Platform (SIPP™) designed to help new authors break into the market.

As a Founding Member of iSAbER TV you have a lifetime membership. You will have access to all of iSAbER TV general programming. You will also receive discounts on books, CDs, DVDs, and be on a preferred list for any events that we sponsor. iSAbER TV is in its infant stages so there are many things that are on our project list, but there will be many more programs and events that will be produced in the future. Access to iSAbER will be on an annual basis, therefore as a Founding Member, once you have paid a one-time fee you will not have any other membership fees due…ever! We will have programs for Health, Relationships, Parenting, Children and Teenagers, Business, Money, Spirituality and just plain Happiness.


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