Integrative Wellness Healing

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Dr. Lina Thakar, BAMS (Author)

Ayurvedic Physician, Integrative Wellness Consultant

Dr. Lina Thakar is an internationally recognized Integrative Wellness Expert, professional speaker, and author. She is an Ayurvedic (doctor) traditionally called VAIDYA. Ayurveda is not a licensed medical program in United States, it is an integrative wellness care program many times referred as holistic / complementary health care.

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Dr. Lina is unique in bringing the advance science of Ayurveda wellness to combine it with conventional medicine to promote total well-being.

This informative book will help you:
• Integrate a wellness approach for total health transformation
• Understand natural, organic, holistic healing for mind, body and soul
• Create a shift to holistic healing for life
• Remove stuck patterns of chronic and auto immune conditions
• And so much more



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