Dr. Rehm’s Foot Pain Manual


Dr Kenneth Rehm DPM (Author)

Dr. Rehm, is the medical director of the Diabetic Foot and Wound Treatment Center in San Diego, California and has been in practice for over forty years. He enjoys lecturing for medical and lay groups across the country, formulated his own line of foot care products and serves as Consulting Editor to Podiatry Management Magazine.

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  • Print Length: 92 pages
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  • Publisher: Little Moments  (January 2017)
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  • Language: English


Don’t let foot pain ruin your day!
This book is designed for the athlete, food server, construction worker or mom… How about mail carrier or flight attendant? Perhaps you or someone you know is pregnant or suffering from diabetes. This handbook is for anyone and everyone who has foot pain!

Our feet get us where we need to go, but in many cases, they are the last on the list to be taken care of daily. When you pamper your feet, you pamper yourself fully.

So, relax! Put your feet up! Find out what you need to know about common and serious foot ailments, prevention, and foot pain from all causes.

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