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Dara Franklyn (Author)

Celia Costa is a one-woman artistic tour de force. If she can’t throw it, carve it, paint it, or sketch it, no one can. Her work provides much of the inventory of the Costa family’s gift shop, Drifters, in the Jersey Shore tourist town.

She has given up on love after a series of bad relationships. Then, Max Sundstrom arrives.

Things change quickly!

Can their love survive a hurricane and their past?


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  • Print Length: 194 pages
  • ISBN  978-1-941831-03-8 (Print version)
  • SIPP: DF106151-2016032  (PDF version)
  • Publisher: S3 Press / DF Novels
  • Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
  • Language: English
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“A heartwarming story of two likable people who overcome pitfalls, misfortunes, and a hurricane to find love on the Jersey Shore. A great read for a lazy summer day.”
— Joyce Zeller, author of “A Love Out of Time”


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