A Wiser Heart


Darlamae Fromstein (Author)

Are you attached to your original dream of love, romance, children, and the big plans WE had for our happily ever after?

Perhaps you silently agreed to put your life on hold in the name of love, then for the kids, and later living in denial in hopes of survival. Now you’re at the point of all those hidden simmering emotions beginning to erupt in little verbal slips until they finally explode. It’s the final nudge of your soul to release the old dreams and start anew. It’s time to embrace your desire and start knocking on the door to your true destiny. In A Wiser Heart, a healing journey you may discover how your heart really feels.



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  • Print Length: 110 pages
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  • Publisher: S3 Press
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  • Language: English
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“Emotions wash over you as you read this book. If you are experiencing challenges in your life, Darla makes it look so easy to express your pain and disappointment through poetry, enabling you to change your world
from within. I highly recommend this book to help you find your heart’s song.”


— Jan McCorkle, former counselor, Silverton, OR

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