A New Political Covenant


Steven Thayn (Author)

A New Political Covenant is the first in the Utopia Series of books that address fundamental principles necessary to create universal liberty and widespread prosperity by finding win-win solutions that empower the people both with choices and control over how resources are spent in the areas of education, medical care, and entitlements.
Senator Thayn methodically lays out sensible ideas that will create a peaceful and economically sound society.  He tells how we can move our country from coercion to cooperation.  What is important is that as a free people we have not only the opportunity to accomplish it, but the responsibility to seek the manner to maintain freedom for future generations.


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This is the first in a series of books laying the groundwork for an ideal society by fostering an environment where win-win solutions are sought and implemented.  The world is now full of violence, poverty, and oppression which are a direct and unavoidable consequence of the coercion-based political systems of today’s world.
Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D. wrote about the nature of the current makeup of politics by saying:  “Politics is not for fops, Pollyannas, or the faint-hearted; it is internecine war by another name.  It is the game of war, and only the true warriors win.”
Coercion or the use of force by man to compel another to act contrary to his free will is the source of much of human misery, especially when it is blessed and fostered by government.
Government is coercion.  Therefore, we must first focus our attention on government if coercion is to be reduced.  Government is the one institution that is allowed to use coercion on all citizens in order to maintain order.  Government is the only institution that can legally take property, freedom, or life.  If an individual were to take property from another without permission; it would be called theft.  If an individual were to take someone’s freedom and incarcerate them; it would be called kidnapping.  If an individual were to take away a human life; it would be called murder.  We don’t allow individuals to steal, kidnap, or kill; however, it is a universally accepted that government has these powers.  It is in government that the most dangerous forms of coercion occur.  The trick is to limit the power of government so that individual liberty can exist.

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