3 lb Honey and Sugar Addict Guide

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Don-Alan Rekow (Author)

In this insightful Little Moment Die-Hard Non-Prepper’s Guide for Disaster Survival book you will discover what it takes to minimumly be prepared for a disaster, EMP strike, crisis, or an emergency in your area.

This 100 page Little Moment book is perfect to get started on the Path of Preparation.

Included in the insightful book:
• The Value of Proper Preparation
• Absolutely Essential Items to Survive One Week
• The Rule of Threes and How They Can Keep You Alive
• Most Commonly Ignored Items Even Preppers Forget
• Get Prepared Because the Calvary Isn’t Coming.


Product Details

  • Print Length: 100 pages
  • SIPP: DH107171-1092010
  • Publisher: Little Moment/Die-Hard Guides  (July 2017)
  • Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
  • Language: English


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