29 Blind Dates


Tom Byrne (Author)

As a single father with a precocious fifteen year old daughter, Harry finds himself heading into mid-life too quickly and alone. His daughter and his business take up all his time until he decides to join a church and everybody there seems to have the perfect girl for him. As he weaves his way through blind date after disastrous blind date he realizes his life would be much simpler back the way it was; alone.
That’s when divine intervention sets him up on “the last blind date.”  Harry is very reluctant and his last blind date hates men. That’s when the fireworks start and it’s love at last sight.
This romantic novel will keep you laughing, wondering how it could really happen, and cheering for Harry.  This is the kind of reading that you want to see at the movies.  So sit back in your favorite reading spot, have your popcorn and soda ready, and enjoy a good laugh and a little love.


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  • Print Length: 266 pages
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  • Publisher: Northface Novels
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  • Language: English
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“Humorous, inspiring, a great story of relationships. Sorry Harry, you had to go through it all, but it was entertaining for us, the reader, and worth it for you in the end.”
— Don-Alan Rekow, author of “Discovering Excellent Health

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