Life to Live
Life to Live

Life to Live

Based on a true story, Life to Live by Lee Brimmer


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Lee Brimmer (Author)

Til death do they part. So, who’ll go first? The question was, what was quickest and easiest? She thought about poisoning her husband, but ruled that out. She considered shooting him, but she didn’t know how to use a gun. She pondered chopping him into bits, but that was too messy.  Her final approach, Judy decided, would be taking too many pills herself. But, the pills didn’t work and she survived! Now, she’s savings others and cleaning up the mess. Read about Judy’s life and survival in Life to Live…

Lee Brimmer is a survivor. After a lifetime of abuse, she took pills to escape, but didn’t succeed. Then, she remade her life, moved out and started over. She believes people can get through problems, if they can see an end to them. She now counsels others to find the joy in their life. Spending time with her two grandsons and her purrfect cat, Lee has a life to live. Lee’s irrepressible sense of humor turns a depressing journey into a renewed sense of wonder about what life unfolds.

Life to Live is Lee’s gift to others who are experiencing hopelessness and despair.

Product Details

  • Print Length: 210 pages
  • SIPP: LL107151-1002012
  • Publisher: S3 Press / Northface Novels  (July 2015)
  • Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
  • Language: English
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