Ammon Bundy * LaVoy Finicum

The Stories of Two American Patriots Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum are two modern day patriots.  One imprisoned and one assassinated for calling the Federal government out on the government's disobedience of the Supreme law of the land.  National media portrays these...
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Laughing Matter

Today there are over 29,000,000 people in the U.S. already diagnosed Diabetics, both Type 1 and Type 2. It has been reported that almost 89,000,000 people in America alone are candidates for developing this devastating disease. Research clearly shows that controlling...
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Discovering Excellent Health

Excellent health is not something that you just possess. You must work at, and have habits that...
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Reprogramming Government

This book is not done justice by its title.  Perhaps we will retitle the book before release but...
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Business for Babes

Business for Babes helps parents, grandparents, and business owners understand the importance of...
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